5 Small Agricultural Business Ideas

Agriculture is a booming industry which is attracting many small-scale people. Many people shy away from investing in agriculture because of the misconception that it’s a risky venture. However, the venture is not risky, but an excellent method of making an extra income. Investing in agriculture has its own risks and benefits.

The following are 5 small agricultural business ideas:

1. Vegetable farming.

You can farm lettuce, pumpkin, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, and Spinach. Vegetables are consumed in almost every meal; hence, their demand is high. So if you want to start farming, then it’s advisable to try vegetable farming.

2. Mushroom farming.

For young entrepreneurs, this is the best agricultural idea. Mushroom grow in just three weeks. It has huge profits with a high demand for organic and quality mushroom being so high in both restaurants and households.

3. Poultry equipment manufacturing.

If you are skilled artisans, you can use to build various equipment which is needed by poultry farms. You can get some training on various specifications, and you are good to start the business.

4. Egg and chicken and distribution business.

The business involves bridging the gap between farmers and the consumer market. The business is very lucrative and requires a small amount of money to start. You can focus on eggs or both. You buy the products to the farmers and avail them to farmers. You do not require any special skills but only marketing abilities and a working car.

5. Livestock feed production.

You can begin a small-scale manufacturing. If you have confidence in distribution, you can start this type of business to make money out of producing animal feeds.

Agriculture is a very lucrative investment if you are an informed investor. You can invest from the above small agricultural ideas. It is highly advisable that you seek and follow the latest news on fascinating sector – take a look on this article about how to get land for farming.